GRAP Stage III revoked in entire NCR with immediate effect

New Delhi :While the overall air quality over Delhi is likely to improve to fluctuate between “Poor” to “Very Poor” category in the coming days, authorities decided to revoke Stage-III of the GRAP in the entire NCR with immediate effect.

The Sub-Committee for invoking actions under GRAP (graded response action plan) of the Commission for Air Quality Management in NCR & Adjoining Areas (CAQM) held a meeting on Wednesday to review the situation and take the appropriate call in view of noteworthy improvement in the overall air quality of Delhi witnessed in the last few days. There was a a fall of more than 100 points in the overall Air Quality Index (AQI) since last invocation of Stage III on December 4.

While comprehensively reviewing the overall air quality parameters of Delhi-NCR, the Commission noted that due to forecasts by IMD/IITM not indicating the overall AQI of Delhi to slip into “Severe” category in the next few days and as it is likely to fluctuate between “Poor” to “Very Poor” category, it is advisable to relax the restrictions and further roll back Stage III with immediate effect in the entire NCR.

Actions under Stage I to Stage II of the GRAP shall, however, remain invoked and be implemented, intensified, monitored and reviewed by all agencies concerned in the entire NCR to ensure that the AQI levels do not slip further to the “Severe” category. All implementing agencies shall keep strict vigil and especially intensify measures under Stage I and II, it said.

Construction project sites and industrial units, which have been issued specific closure orders on account of violations/non-compliances of various statutory directions, rules, guidelines, etc, under no circumstances, shall resume their operations without any specific order to this effect from the Commission.

Various agencies responsible for implementing measures under GRAP and Pollution Control Boards (PCBs) of NCR and DPCC have also been advised to ensure strict implementation of actions of Stage I and Stage II under GRAP in the NCR.

Further, the Commission is closely watching the situation and will review the air quality scenario accordingly.



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