Gujarat Police to use Telegram bot system during Rath Yatra

Gandhinagar: The preparations for the upcoming Rath Yatra will witness a transformation in communication methods with the deployment of the Telegram bot system taking centre stage.

Gujarat police have opted for this approach to enhance coordination and operational efficiency among the thousands of personnel involved in the event.

The DCP of Ahmedabad Crime Branch, Chaitanya Mandlik, said, “Our primary goal is to establish a robust communication network that connects all individuals involved in the Rath Yatra Bandobast. This will also help in better security. The Telegram bot system serves as a tool to stay informed, act promptly, and contribute to the seamless execution of their duties.”

This will be the 146th Rath Yatra taking place in Ahmedabad. The Rath Yatra, known for its grandeur and scale, will have approximately 4,000 police personnel stationed along the chariot route.

To facilitate seamless communication and coordination among the stakeholders, a technical team has developed a Telegram bot system.

During the Yatra, the movement of police personnel and officials from various places towards Ahmedabad takes place three days in advance. At that time, their attendance is recorded, and they are provided with ID cards, which include their updated photographs.

These ID cards are generated based on the information uploaded in the system, ensuring accurate and efficient processing. Additionally, QR codes are also assigned to each employee or official, allowing senior officers or other staff members to scan them and obtain their complete details.

This process eliminates the need for physically carrying or presenting ID cards and expedites the verification process.

The bot will have all the contact details of the Bomb Disposal Squad, Police Control Room, veterinarians, and other important verticals.

The chariots of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra embark on the annual yatra from the 400-year-old Jagannath temple in the Jamalpur area in Ahmedabad.


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