High concentration of artificial sweetener in cake linked to girl’s death in Punjab: Report

Chandigarh: The cake, which tragically led to the death of a 10-year-old girl in Punjab’s Patiala last month, contained a high concentration of artificial sweetener, officials revealed on Monday.

The girl’s entire family fell ill after consuming a chocolate cake purchased online from a bakery for her birthday.

A report showed a high amount of saccharine, a sweet-tasting systematic compound, was used to bake the cake.

A small amount of saccharine is used in eatables and drinks, but high levels can quickly increase one’s blood glucose levels.

Officials said action will be taken against the bakery as an FIR has already been filed against its owner.

After the incident, food ordering app Zomato banned the bakery owner and also delisted the bakery from its platform.


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