How Rahul Gandhi’s allegations against Adani Group backfired

New Delhi: The results of the state elections show clearly that the attempts by Congress and Opposition parties to level allegations against the Adani Group have backfired.

In the run-up to the state elections, there was a significant rise in the political rhetoric and series of allegations. In line with this, several such allegations were also levelled against the Adani Group by India’s opposition parties including the Congress.

Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi referred to the Adani Group in major rallies as a part of the poll campaign for Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Telangana.

Rahul Gandhi used statements that were sensational in nature. Many of the facts referred to by Rahul Gandhi have been proven wrong or are currently undergoing investigation. Additionally, some of the statements are outright baseless and lacked any factual basis.

Rahul Gandhi deliberately tried to portray the Adani Group as being opposed to the benefit of India’s poor, needy and the economy in general. These statements were made with an intent to create an atmosphere of uncertainty and target the Adani Group that has contributed to the India growth story. It is important to note that the recent revelations regarding the cash for question scam further dent the credibility of these allegations which are repetitive and rehashed in nature.

The key allegations, claims and remarks made by Rahul Gandhi during the poll rallies included, “Only a Joint Parliamentary Committee led probe can do complete justice in the ongoing Hindenburg matter”, “Loan waivers have been extended to favour the Adani Group to the detriment of India’s larger economic interest, the poor and farmers”, “Government is looking to hand over coal mines by privatising it to favour the Adani Group, which goes against the rights of tribal population”.

The statements showed a deliberate attempt by the Congress to intermix any issue concerning the poor and somehow link it to the Adani Group to gather political mileage and create a negative sentiment against the Central Government, Prime Minister and the Adani Group. Such statements were mixed with local issues (mines in Chhattisgarh or coal fields in Telangana) to provide it a local context.



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