How will Delhi get a Mayor if AAP does not heed law or presiding officer: BJP leader

New Delhi: BJP’s Delhi Working President Virendra Sachdeva on Monday attacked the AAP for allegedly defying the instructions of the presiding officer of the MCD House as well as law, questioning in this circumstances, how will the capital get a Mayor.

Arguing that a 2016 Delhi High Court order states that nominated councillors will also be members of the MCD House and can contest elections to the standing committee, he asked when the court has given them the right to contest the election, then why can’t they vote?

Sachdeva also said that on the demand of the MCD itself, a top law officer advised that the nominated councillors have right to vote in the election of Mayor, Deputy Mayor etc, and thus the presiding officer allowed them.

It is beyond comprehension that the Aam Aadmi Party will neither listen to the legal advice nor listen to the presiding officer, he said.


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