Hungarian PM calls for peace, independence while hailing national hero

Kiskoros (Hungary):  Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called for peace and independence while hailing the country’s well-known poet and national hero Sandor Petofi.

“We see Petofi, who would have written the word ‘Peace’ at the top of the twelve points,” Orban said on Wednesday here on the 175th anniversary of Hungary’s 1848 revolution and freedom fight, referring to the 12-point demand of Hungarian rebels given to the Austrians ruling over Hungary in 1848.

In front of the house where Petofi was born 200 years ago, the Prime Minister made a very swift allusion to the Russian-Ukrainian war, in which Hungary shares China’s call for an immediate cease-fire and the beginning of peace talks, Xinhua news agency reported.

Orban underlined that the 1848 revolution against the Austrian Empire can also be interpreted as Hungarians rebelling when “foreigners wanted to tell the Hungarians how to live, and also when the world powers wanted to merge Hungary into a European superstate”.

The Prime Minister’s speech served as a rallying call for Hungarian independence and resilience, drawing upon the country’s historical legacy to inspire a sense of national pride and solidarity.


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