‘I am sorry, I killed Shradha, I made mistake’, Aftab told police: Charge sheet

IANS is in possession of the charge sheet.

The court has taken cognisance of the charge sheet and have fixed the next date of hearing.

Poonawalla, in his statement, told the police that he met Walkar on Bumble app in 2018-29 and both became friends.

When he came to know that she was working at Concentrix Call Centre, Malad, Mumbai, he also started working over there to go further in their relationship.

“I also took a job in her firm and we both fell in love. Our families were against our relationship because of our religion and caste,” read his statement.

After this, both quit their jobs and started working together at the retail showroom of Decathion Sports Store, Dahisar in East Mumbai.

Poonawalla and Walkar developed physical relations for the first time in May 2019. It was the time when her family detected a pregnancy test kit in the house and they learnt that she and Poonawalla were dating each othed.

After this in October 2019, the two took a rented accommodation in Kini Complex, Naya Gaon in east Mumbai and started living in live-in-relationship.

The Delhi Police has tried to make a watertight charge sheet and has hope that they will prove their case before the court.


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