Inayat Sood on what will excite audience in ‘Feels Like Home 2’

Mumbai:  Actress Inayat Sood, who is awaiting the release of the second season of her streaming show ‘Feels Like Home’, recently shared her thoughts on what would excite the audience in the new season of the show, which is set to drop on OTT on October 7.

Talking about the same, Inayat, who plays the character of Mahima in the show, said, “I think a lot of the problems were introduced in season 1 and it will be exciting to watch if and how these problems are resolved in season 2, especially the entire love triangle between Avi, Lakshay and Mahima.”

She further mentioned, “That is something which is very exciting, the way it is going to unfold and what sort of resolution it is going to come to. So, people are going to relate so much to the friction that naturally creeps into their friendship and relationships and how that plays out.”

The actress also spoke about the love triangle that exists in the show, saying that it affects her character more on a rational level.

Furnishing the reason behind this, she said, “As all three of them are in the same committee for the fest and they have to be in each other’s presence a lot. While the whole situation does affect Mahima, personally too, as she does care for them. But somewhere deep down, she has made her peace with the new dynamics. So, I would say that this love triangle would affect Lakshay and Avi more because of their close-knit friendship.”

‘Feels Like Home’ follows the lives of four young boys and how they deal with broken friendships and relationships.

Directed by Sahir Raza and written by Sidhanta Mathur, the show stars Prit Kamani, Vishnu Kaushal, Mihir Ahuja, and Anshuman Malhotra, along with Himika Bose and Inayat Sood.

‘Feels Like Home 2’ will be available to stream on OTT platform Lionsgate Play on October 7.



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