‘Indecent proposal’: JU in midst of controversy again after female student’s allegations against faculty member

Kolkata: After ragging-related suicides of two students – a male fresher and a differently-abled female student, Kolkata’s iconic Jadavpur University (JU) is in the midst of controversy again, with a first-year post-graduate student levelling an allegation of an indecent proposal against a faculty member.

In an email complaint to the JU authorities, including Registrar Snehomanju Basu, the student has complained that the faculty member called her out of the examination hall and made an extremely licentious proposal against promises for good marks in the examination.

In her complaint, she has also accused the faculty member of involving two senior students in this filthy game, saying that the two senior students also tried to convince her to accept the proposal of the faculty member if she desired to get good marks in the examination.

The victim has also forwarded a copy of her complaint to the Jadavpur Police station.

In the complaint, according to sources in the know of things, the victim has said that she is in a state of mental agony following the incident. “All I want is justice,” she has said.

According to her, on February 19, when she was in the examination hall busy writing her answers, the accused professor came to the hall and said that she will be frisked since in probability she was secretly carrying written answers in chits in her dress. The victim student claimed that she was isolated and again her wish, she agreed to get her frisked.

Since nothing was recovered from her possession, she was allowed to go ahead writing the answers.

On the second day of examination of February 21, she was informed by the invigilator of being summoned by the accused faulty member to the latter’s chamber, where she was given the indecent proposal.

After she returned to the examination hall again, as per the complaint, the accused faculty members started disturbing her again to give cross-marks on her answer sheet. The examination time got over and she left the hall profusely sobbing.

However, Jadavpur University Teachers’ Association (JUTA) has decided to stand by the accused faculty member.

“The student was actually resorting to unfair practices during the examination. The invigilator stopped her from doing so and informed the faculty member in question. No one has ever raised such allegations against the faculty member concerned. He has become a victim of rivalry between two political parties within the JU campus,” said JUTA representative Partha Pratim Roy.



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