India lodges protest with US over attack on San Francisco consulate

New Delhi: India on Monday lodged a strong protest with the US on the attack on its Consulate General in San Francisco.

Summoning the US Charge d’Affaires here, it conveyed its strong protest at the vandalisation of the property.

“The US Government was reminded of its basic obligation to protect and secure diplomatic representation. It was asked to take appropriate measures to prevent recurrence of such incidents,” the MEA said in a statement.

The MEA said that the Embassy in Washington D.C. also conveyed concerns to the US State Department along similar lines.

After the London incident where the tricolour was removed from the Indian High Commission building, videos of a mob attacking the Indian consulate in the California city have surfaced.

As per reports, with loud music playing in the background, a large mob is seen in the video, attacking the Indian consulate, spray-painting a huge graffiti on its outer wall, saying “Free Amritpal”.

In fact according to reports, several videos, apparently filmed by the miscreants themselves, showed men breaking glass doors and windows of the consulate building with butts of Khalistani flags.

Employees of the consulate were later seen removing the flags in the videos, when suddenly a mob can seen breaking through a barricade from behind which they were shouting slogans. The employees can be seen running inside the building with the protestors trying to follow them.

Videos further showed that after doors of the consulate were slammed shut on their faces, the protestors starting hitting them with flags, while one of them smashed the windows of the building with a sword.


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