‘Interpol a platform to integrate global criminal intel into local policing’

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is hosting the third INTERPOL Young Global Police Leaders Programme (YGPLP), in which 59 delegates from 44 countries are taking part to create a strong police intelligence network worldwide.

The programme will conclude on February 2.

While addressing the participants virtually on Friday, INTERPOL Secretary General Jurgen Stock said that Delhi is home to one of the most successful INTERPOL General Assemblies.

He also complimented the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for hosting the event.

Recalling the words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi when he addressed the INTERPOL General Assembly last year saying “crime somewhere is crime everywhere”, Stock said, “The main theme before us is maintaining trust in the criminal investigation process in a digitised world.”

Stock underlined that this brings together two inescapable realities of our times, first, the ongoing challenges – and opportunities – arising in the criminal landscape that come from the emergence of artificial intelligence, big data, and augmented reality – including through disruptions like the Metaverse. Second, the ongoing globalisation of criminal activity and the fundamental necessity for a collaborative approach to effectively combat it.

He said the use of new technology was always treated with more skepticism when deployed by governments, rather than by the private sector.

“Think of drug use, property theft, forced labour, sitting behind many crimes that appear domestic are regional and global networks that exploit borders to engage in borderless criminal activity. Interpol is a platform to integrate global criminal intelligence into local policing. We are here to build bridges across police forces, founded on a common mission to foster global collaboration, which will span distance, and time,” he said.

Stock concluded by quoting Modi: “When the forces of good cooperate, the forces of bad cannot operate.”

CBI Director Subodh Kumar Jaiswal said that overall, this programme will give an overview of the scale and scope of policing system in India and the various innovations and best practices being adopted and help in capacity building of the future police leadership.

“Continuing with the theme of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family), the Young Global Police Leaders Programme provides an inspirational platform for not only young police officers from across the world, but also for the youth in general. The rich professional capabilities, innovations and best practices developed by police in India can be a template for other countries to emulate. This initiative also seeks to contribute towards international capacity building in the policing domain, in line with the spirit of ‘Vishvaguru Bharat’,” Jaiswal said..

INTERPOL Young Global Police Leaders Programme (YGPLP) is a flagship INTERPOL event for promising young police officers.

The event brings together young police leaders (below 37 years of age) holding vital assignments in their respective countries and help them develop an international perspective and understanding. It seeks to empower the next generation of international police leaders through mentoring by experienced officers.


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