ITI Berhampur Innovates 3D Graphics Sculpture Fabrication Art

Berhampur: The students of Odisha Government-run ITI Berhampur have innovated 3D graphics sculpture fabrication art using computer technology.

Guided by Dr Rajat Kumar Panigrahy Principal, ITI Berhampur, the students developed innovative technologies to develop the 3D sculptures.

By this concept sculptures up to 100 ft with sky color background can be manufactured and installed. The most important feature in 3D sculptures is that it can be easily portable where and when required. This can consume only scrap metal sheets with low cost and light weight.

Dr. Panigrahy said that this shows a new era of skill development on computer graphics, welding, grinding, cutting, painting skills are integrated to develop the skill and this will be a new star of attraction in the public rallies of political leaders. This will further add value to circular economy by creating employment in this area.

Dr. Panigrahy said, the 1st sculpture is dedicated to Hon’ble Biju Pattnaik on his 105th Birth anniversary.

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