IVPL intensity is as good as IPL, says Chhattisgarh Warriors’ Shadab Jakati

Greater Noida:  Former Chennai Super Kings (CSK) spinner Shadab Jakati feels the ongoing Indian Veteran Premier League (IVPL) has the same level of intensity as of IPL. Jakati was part of the IPL 2010 winning CSK squad.

Playing for the Chhattisgarh Warriors in the IVPL, Jakati expressed his delight at being part of the league and relishing the experience it offers.

“It’s been great. It’s a great platform for players like us. We get to catch up with our old colleagues, with players with whom we used to play before and it’s a nice intensity, as good as IPL. It has most of the qualified foreign and Indian players. It’s a great tournament for us to go out there and express ourselves and enjoy,” Jakati said.

Jakati has been the mainstay for the Chhattisgarh Warriors in the IVPL and is confident of his team performing well in the further matches.

“It’s been great. We have played together in the past as well. It’s nice to catch up with these guys. Brings back lots of memories. We are doing pretty well. Everyone is really looking good. Hopefully we can win the next game and play the finals,” said the 43-year-old cricketer.

Speaking about the importance of IVPL, Jakati said, “It’s a good thing actually. It’s nice to be associated with the game. Passion is always there. Leagues like these are a great platform, it gives us a chance to be fit and meet our colleagues and meet so many other players. It’s a lovely opportunity.”

The Chhattisgarh Warriors bowler also thanked fans in Greater Noida for coming in large numbers and supporting the teams here.

“The crowd has been really nice here. They’re turning up in good numbers and they are enjoying themselves. The matches have been interesting and that’s good for the crowd,” Jakati said.


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