Jad Hadid: ‘Beautiful, genuine connection between Nikita & me’

Mumbai: Former ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ contestant Jad Hadid, who recently featured in ‘Temptation Island India’, reflected upon his connection with Nikita Bhamidipati, calling it a ‘beautiful and genuine’ bond.

Jad has been making waves with his newfound connection with Nikita. Following Nikita’s decision to end her relationship with Tayne, the two recently exited the show together.

During their departure, Jad displayed a touching moment of emotion, by presenting Nikita with a pendant featuring her daughter’s picture, considering it a precious keepsake.

Reflecting on his connection with Nikita, Jad said: “I’ve always faced challenges in love, but meeting Nikita made me realise that everything happens for a reason. If it’s the end of something, it’s also the beginning of something new.”

“There’s a beautiful and genuine connection between Nikita and me, and I believe it’s the start of a truly wonderful journey for us. A special thanks to Tayne for agreeing to come on this show; it is because of him that I found Nikita,” he added.

‘Temptation Island India’ airs on JioCinema.


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