John Cena advise Travis Kelce to think hard about any potential career change

Los Angeles: John Cena would advise footballer and singer Taylor Swift’s beau Travis Kelce to think hard about any potential career change, after he himself had a transition from wrestler to Hollywood actor.

“I would inspire him to reflect on his journey. He didn’t become a Super Bowl champion in a year. I bet he started playing football at a very young age. This is the one misconception that a lot of people have… ‘You were born for this.’ I was not. I worked very hard and suffered a lot of setbacks and looked ridiculous and had a lot of failures. But I have a lot of people supporting me, and I just never gave up,” Cena told ‘Entertainment Tonight’.

The actor added: “So my advice to Travis is, should he choose another skill, look at how (long) it took to be fluent in football. It’s gonna take that long to be fluent in another skill. Just surround yourself with great teammates and good things will come from it.”

Despite rumours about Kelce retiring soon, the football player is under contract with the Kansas City Chiefs until 2026 and recently shared that he has “no plans” to retire just yet, reports


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