Kejriwal terms DDC backbone of Delhi’s development

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday released a report on Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) to mark seven years of its formation.

The Chief Minister termed the DDC to be the backbone of Delhi’s development.

The DDC is the think-tank of the Delhi government that advises the government in finding “sustainable, people centric solutions to the critical development challenges”.

The report, titled ‘7 Years of DDC – 70 Innovations Redefining Governance’, is a detailed description of all of those ‘puzzle pieces’ which DDC has put together over the last seven years to help creating a “modern, high-tech, progressive, prosperous and equitable Delhi”.

“In the last seven years, DDC has put in unprecedented hard-work to come up with brilliant projects for the development of Delhi. DDC deserves a lot of credit for the success of Delhi Government’s schemes; DDC’s experts work on the ground to make the common man’s life easier. DDC bridging the gap between innovation and practice; works in 3 stages- Project Design, Monitoring and Correction of Deficiencies”, said Kejriwal while releasing the report.

CM Kejriwal added that DDC has taken up over 70 landmark projects in the last seven years like EV Policy, Doorstep Delivery, Installation of CCTVs, Streetlights, Health Information Management System, Rozgaar Bazaar, E-Coupon for Ration and Covid Ambulance Management.

“Quite often, we have observed that ministers and officers get so involved in discharging their daily responsibility while running the government that they do not find time to design new policies, to address these shortfalls, we established DDC seven years ago with the sole function of ideating, designing and holding consultation on new policies to be brought by the government,” the Chief Minister asserted.

“I pray and hope that they continue to serve the people of the country in this manner for years to come,” he said.



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