Kerala HC grants bail to man accused of 2 rape attempts on consecutive days

Kochi: The Kerala High Court granted bail on stringent conditions, to an accused who allegedly attempted to commit rape on a nurse.

After the Public Prosecutor informed that the accused made the similar attempt the very next day of the said incident, the high court ruled, “Perverts are capable of doing anything. His lust was not satiated by the first attempt so he repeated it,”

The court made the observation while considering the bail application filed by the accused charged with various offences.

The prosecution case claimed that on March 22 at 10 p.m., the accused person who is an electrician, barged into the nursing station of the hospital where he was working, and attempted to commit rape on nurse, the de facto complainant.

The prosecution further alleged that the accused made a similar attempt the very next day.

But the counsel for the accused person contended that even if he accepts the prosecution allegation in entirety, no offence under Section 376 of IPC was made out.

He further contended that the prosecution story is highly improbable since the scene of occurrence is said to be the nursing station of the hospital.

However, the Public Prosecutor submitted that that accused person attempted to disrobe the nurse, and the repeated attack by the accused on the nurse is sufficient to deny bail to him.

After hearing the submissions, the court granted bail but subject to stringent conditions.


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