Khushi Dubey shares a nostalgic moment with Zayn in ‘Aashiqana 3’

Mumbai: Actress Khushi Dubey, who is currently seen playing the role of Chikki in the third season of the web show ‘Aashiqana’ opposite actor Zayn Ibad Khan, shared how they both recreated a scene from the first season of the show when Yash(Zayn) and Chikki(Khushi) expressed their love towards each other. She added how her on-screen chemistry has changed so far and evolved with the new season.

Recreating a romantic scene from ‘Aashiqana’ when Yash unties the lace of Chikki’s dress, she shared: “A beautiful moment during the shoot was the dori scene when we were recreating it where Zayn and I were feeling so nostalgic and smiling discussing it.”

Yash and Chikki, who met in the first season, got married in the second, and are shown to be separated in the third, are going to develop feelings again for each other in ‘Aashiqana 3’. While Chikki is still reluctant, Yash expresses his love for her in the same way they both did during their first meeting in the web series. Khushi said that it was most nostalgic and they both went down memory lane while recreating the scene from the first season.

Khushi, who is known for her works in ‘Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai’, ‘Baa Bahoo Aur Baby’, ‘Kasamh Se ‘and ‘Rakhi, Atoot Rishtey Ki Dor’, said: “It was beautiful recreating your very first meet, it was as special as it was for the first time and there were fan edits made and it brought back memories from ‘Aashiqana’, the equation I had with Zayn is completely different from what we share now. We’ve come such a long way I’m glad that I’m part of such a beautiful show.”

‘Aashiqana 3’ streams on Disney+Hotstar.


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