Kim Cattrall reveals ‘About My Father’ was shot in the thick of pandemic

Mumbai:  Actress Kim Cattrall, who is receiving a lot of positive response to her recently released theatrical film, ‘About My Father’, has shared that they shot the film when Covid-19 was raging across the globe.

The shooting started during the peak of the pandemic and posed challenges and bonding experiences of its own to the cast and crew.

Talking about filming for ‘About My Father’, Kim Cattrall said: “It’s great! You know we made this movie in 2021. That long ago! And it took a long time and it was a difficult film to make while COVID was raging in the South in Mobile, Alabama. So we kind of bonded together. So now when I see Leslie or I see Sebastian or Bob occasionally, he’s very busy and most of the actors are after that – before that and after that. But to see them again is just wonderful because we had that very special time together.”

Talking about the audience’s reaction to ‘About My Father’, the actress further mentioned: “We saw it as an all out comedy but what’s surprising is that how many people have told me how touched they are by it. Your dad, you got one dad and this story is really a big salute and bravo to Salvo – to Sebastian’s dad. So I think in every way all of us in the cast are saying the same thing as he is about his dad. That we love you, we need you”.

Lionsgate’s comedy film ‘About My Father’ is currently in cinemas.


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