K’taka CM, HM get email threatening Rameshwaram Cafe-like blasts; $2.5 mn ransom sought

Bengaluru: In a worrying development, the Karnataka Government on Tuesday received an email threatening a series of bomb blasts on the lines of the recent Rameshwaram Café blast in Bengaluru.

The threatening mail has been sent to the official emails of the Karnataka Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Home Minister and Bengaluru Police Commissioner.

According to sources, the person who sent the email has demanded a ransom of $2.5 million, failing which a series of Rameshwaram Café-like blasts would be carried out at multiple places, including bus stops and railway stations.

The police department is taking the threat seriously in the wake of recent developments and has launched a probe.

The special wing of the Bengaluru city police department, CCB has taken over the investigation after lodging a suo moto FIR regarding the threatening email.

The email has been sent from the ID, 10786progongmail.com and further investigation is on.


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