Kunal Ghosh again gets critical of Trinamool leadership

Kolkata, Nov 24 (IANS) Outspoken Trinamool Congress spokesman Kunal Ghosh continued with his salvos against his own party leadership on Friday, saying that because of the wrong advice by some advisors at the higher level, the task of the party spokesperson is getting tougher.

Reacting to the Calcutta High Court’s order allowing the BJP to hold a rally on November 29 at the same spot in Kolkata where Trinamool conducts its annual ‘Martyrs Day’ rally on July 21, Ghosh said that if the same mistake happens again and again, it becomes impossible for the party spokesmen to justify that.

“The task of a spokesperson is to project even a wrong decision of the party as right. But if the same mistake is repeated again and again, the task of the spokespersons becomes difficult,” Ghosh told a news channel, hours after the Calcutta High Court verdict.

Ghosh, who’s also Trinamool’s general secretary in West Bengal, was critical of the ‘adamant’ attitude of the state government in not allowing any other party to hold rally at the same spot where the “Martyrs Day” rally is conducted every year.

“As a dedicated soldier of Trinamool Congress, I believe in the right of my party to conduct rallies at that venue. Similarly, as a citizen I feel that if one political party is allowed, why the same will be denied to others? The court has viewed the matter from the legal point of view. This will just help the BJP to gain mileage,” Ghosh said.

On Thursday, Ghosh had made a controversial social media post, referring to his arrest 10 years back on the same day by the SIT of West Bengal police in connection with the multi-crore Saradha chit fund scam.

In his post, Ghosh put the Centre and the West Bengal government on the same parlance with regard to the “conspiracy behind his arrest”.

“Many thought that I would be ruined. But by the grace of god I am still alive. I am still fighting my legal battle against false cases and fake witnesses. My battle is against the agencies of both the Centre and state government,” Ghosh’s post read.



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