Lekhasri’s Controversial Comments On Puri Draw Sharp Criticism

Puri: It seems that controversial statements and Odisha BJP leader Lekhasri Samantsinghar are nothing but two sides of the same coin. Lekhasri has once again showed how desperate she is to garner publicity with her controversial statements. This time she did not even hesitate to make controversial remarks on the holy city of Sri Jagannath Puri. In a viral video she can be seen making remarks on the identity of Sri Jagannath and the holy city of Puri.

To appease her colleague Sambit Patra, she said that people of the country didn’t know where Puri is situated and after Sambit Patra contested from Puri Parliamentary Constituency that they came to know that the holy city is situated in Odisha.

With this controversial statement, she has not only made a blunder but also attacked religious sentiment of millions of Odias. She has also showed to the world that how ignorant she is on Lord Jagannath. While the whole world knows Puri Jagannath and its culture and heritage, the BJP leader needs to learn more and introspect on her remarks. Being a person belonging to Odisha she should not have been made those publicity stunts in the name of Lord Jagannath.

BJD Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Amar Patnaik came down heavily on Lekhasri Samantsinghar for her controversial Puri remarks.

Strongly condemning the BJP leader’s remarks, Amar Patnaik said, “It’s an insult to Odisha and the land of the Lord of the Universe, Jagannath. Even a 3 year old child knows where Puri is, the humble abode of Lord Jagannath. Make no mistake, He is the lord of Kolkata as well”.

“Only those blinded by their low GK, coupled with ego and love for Kolkata, get confused and share notes with non-resident Odias to get their facts right. Shameful! Affront to Mo Jagannath and Mo Odisha”, the BJD MP said.

“Just because the people of Odisha have rejected. @BJP4Odisha, you want to reject them, insult them! But the fact remains that “Mo Jagannath is in Mo Odisha” and Jaga is with the people of Odisha”, Patnaik added.

Meanwhile, people across the State strongly condemned Lekhasri Samantsinghar’s remarks on social media.

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