LG launches next-gen AI TVs in different sizes in India

New Delhi:  LG Electronics on Wednesday launched the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) TVs in different sizes starting from 43-inch to 97-inch in India.

The 2024 lineup features LG OLED evo AI and LG QNED AI TVs including the LG OLED 97G4. The new lineup comes available at a starting price of Rs 62,990.

“The LG OLED evo AI and LG QNED AI TVs lineup takes the viewing experience to a new level with an advanced processor that enables outstanding audio-visual experiences across various screen sizes,” Hong Ju Jeon- MD, LG Electronics India, said in a statement.

“With this new line-up, we aim to further enhance our market leadership in Flat Panel TV in India,” he added.

Moreover, the company said that with enhanced AI upscaling capabilities, the latest OLED AI TVs enrich and sharpen objects and backgrounds with precise pixel-level image analysis for improved picture quality.

Through the power of AI, LG OLED AI TVs create a clearer, more vibrant viewing experience and offer real-time upscaling while watching sub-4K OTT content too.

In addition, LG’s 2024 QNED AI TVs are the next generation of LCD technology that delivers bright and vibrant colours on the screen.

As per the company, the AI capability of LG QNED AI TV refines picture quality and also boasts richer, fuller audio with virtual 9.1.2 surround sound creating a dome of sound around you for incredible immersion.


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