Love for Teacher Lands Mumbai Students at Ganjam

Chhatrapur: At a time when the teacher – student relation continue to touch new low with each passing day, the love between the Mumbai students and their teacher has set a new example.

As many as 10 students from Mumbai have landed Chhatrapur to meet their lovable teacher who had shaped their career at early stage of their life. The teacher is none other than Ganjam Collector Vijay Amrut Kulange.

The soft spoken Collector was busy in an emergency meeting on Saturday when his students have landed his office to meet him.

Pleasurably surprised to see them suddenly, he came out from the meeting and gave a warm welcome to his lovely pupils who have come far away from Mumbai.

Prior to joining IAS, the Ganjam Collector was a teacher who nurtured these students at their formative ages.

 The Collector was happy to learn that his students are now preparing for Civil Services. He spent some quality time with them and gave valuable tips for their preparation.

The achievement of a student in particular and an educational system in general is dependent to a great extent on the ideals that animate the teacher. And the Ganjam Collector is a classic testimony of ancient India’s student teacher relationship.

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