Man in burqa arrested on suspicion of being child lifter in UP

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh): A man was arrested on suspicion of being a child lifter after he went out wearing a burqa.

The man had actually gone out to meet his girlfriend, revealed police probe.

During interrogation, the man revealed his identity as Ansar, son of Shamshuddim, resident of Jagannathpur village in Aurraiya district.

On being questioned why he was wearing a burqa, he said he had come to Ghatampur to meet his girlfriend and he wore the burqa so that the family members of the girl would not recognise him.

After meeting his girlfriend, while Ansar was returning home, he was stopped by some people on the way who got suspicious and removed the burqa. They took him for a child lifter and alerted the police who took him into custody.

Dinesh Kumar Shukla, ACP Ghatampur, said the man was caught by people on suspicion of being a child-lifter.

“The man said he had come to meet his girlfriend wearing a burqa so that no one could recognise him.

“Investigations are underway and his family has been called,” said the ACP.


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