Maoist Dump Busted Near Andhra-Odisha Border Area, Huge Quantity of Arms Seized

Malkangiri: Malkangiri Police has busted a major Maoist dump from Andhra-Odisha border area and seized a huge quantity of arms, IEDs and other incriminating articles.

On the basis of specific information received, an intensive search and area domination was conducted by Malkangiri Police in the general area of Swabhiman Anchal under Jodambo PS jurisdiction bordering to Andhra-Odisha, resulting in uncovering of one major Maoist dump near jungle area of village Arlingpada under Jantri G.P. at about 4.55 pm on August 5, the police said.
This has led to recovery and seizure of huge quantity of arms, IEDs, welding equipments, maoist literature and other incriminating articles.

It is suspected that the articles were intended to making weapons and to target civilians and security forces. This may well have been used against the security forces during Maoist’s Martyr’s Week, the police added.

Details of Seizure articles Quantity

1. SBBL Gun: 01 No
2. Country made rifle : 01 No
3. IED: 02 Nos
4. Battery 12 Volt (Sonic): 01 No.
5. Multimeter cord: 01 No
6. Motor Pump (0.5 HP): 01 No
7. Bench Vice: 01 No
8. Sudhakar 200mm plastic pipe with 2 caps- 4ft length: 01 No
9. Sudhakar 200mm plastic pipe with 2 caps- 3.5ft: 01 No
10. Sudhakar 160mm plastic pipe with 2 caps-3.5ft: 01 No
11. Welding leads (each Packet weighing about 4.3KGs) : 24 packets
12. Welding handle: 02 Nos
13. Welding Hammer: 02 Nos
14. Welding shield glass small square Athermal (Made in Germany): 05 Nos
15. Welding shield Glass Small square size: 16 Nos
16. Wire Clamps: 04 Nos
17. Grind well grinding wheel: 03 Nos
18. Engine Oil: 05 Litres
19. Electric wire (Flexible): 20 mtr. approx.
20. Electric Wire: 15 Meters
21. Iron Pipes (for Claymore mine): 09 Nos
22. Computer data cable: 01 No.
23. Ground sheet (Black): 01 No.
24. Polythene sheet Black colour :01 No.
25. Medical sample bottle: 02 Nos
26. Injection needle: 05 Nos
27. Mobile charging cord: 02 Nos
28. Aluminium utensil: 01 No.
29. Steel utensil: 01 No.
30. Steel Plate: 01 No.
31. Umbrella: 01 No.
32. Bed sheet : 01 No.
33. Literatures

The Malkangiri police said that they are suspecting that these explosives along with other articles belongs to the Maoists cadres of AOBSZC and they were intended to be used against innocent civilians and security forces to carry out their subversive, anti-national activities. In the wake of recovery, further combing and search operations are going on in this area, the police added.

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