MCD Polls: From radio to social media, BJP leaving no stone unturned for campaigning

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party is over boarding on every medium for campaigning from radio to social media for the upcoming Municipal Corporation of Delhi election scheduled for December 4.

The BJP is making the best use of radio in taking minutes from people’s busy life. It has given a number of radio advertisements for campaigning.

Speaking to IANS, the BJP’s Ashish Sood said it is an ‘old is gold’ medium of campaign. It is the best way to reach busy people who are driving in traffic.

The BJP has given more than five advertisements of under 30 seconds each on the radio with the campaign slogan “Seva hi Vichar, nahi khokhale prachar. 4 December ko Kamal Ka button dabayein, MCD me BJP ko Vijay banayein.” The pocket ads covered garbage collection, health care centres, vaccination drive, one mayor policy.

The most reachable mode of campaigning the BJP is using is the social media. The BJP’s Delhi social media is now in complete battle ready mode and has been able to lead the narrative. In the last 12 days the Delhi BJP managed to set the Twitter space on fire with almost 10 trends while the AAP managed just two trends. Trends like #AAPKePaap, #AAPLootingDelhi, #KejriwalPollutedDelhi, #MahathagKejriwal indicate the focus of the state unit has been on pollution and corruption to target the AAP. Meanwhile Twitter has also been abuzz about the positive work of the BJP in Delhi with trends like #ModiJiNeDiyaGhar – alluding to the EWS flats given to 3024 families from the slums.

#BJPSweepingMCDAA, #BJPMatlabSeva were some of the other trends that made it to the Twitter top trends in the last few days.

Not only Twitter, Delhi BJP’s Facebook is now opening a massive lead against Arvind Kejriwal’s Facebook page, the AAP national Facebook page and AAP’s Delhi Facebook page too on several parameters. On Instagram too the Delhi BJP handle is running an issue based campaign. “Our content is not just negative but also we are putting positive content – be it the MCD work or covering organisational meetings, covering LIVE press conferences. Our handles give space to a plethora of leaders whereas AAP’s page is only dedicated to one individual,” a source told IANS.

Instagram is the best way to connect with youths. The reel shows are quite widespread. The Delhi BJP is making the best use of it from making reels to post regular content against the AAP and highlight the BJP’s work.

Similarly, the party has used newspapers to spread their message. Other medium like leaflets, door-to-door, roadshows, are also used in the campaigning.


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