Millet Mahotsav in Srinagar promotes consumption, awareness of millets

Srinagar: In observance of the International Year of Millets (IYM) 2023, 10 Bn SSB organised a vibrant Millet Mahotsav at its Battalion Headquarters in Batmaloo, Srinagar.

The event aimed to create awareness about the numerous benefits of millets and promote their consumption on a larger scale, enlightening the personnel about their significance.

Millet Mahotsav, inaugurated by Commandant Rohitashwa, featured a range of captivating stalls showcasing millet-centric meals and foods.

The dishes prepared included Bajra Roti, Bajra Khichdi, Makka Roti, Bajra Tikki, Bajra Peda, Bajra Barfi, and more.

A total of six stalls were set up, showcasing the culinary versatility of millets and their potential to create delectable and nutritious meals.

Beyond the culinary delights, the Mahotsav also organised games to engage and entertain the participants.

Officers and officials of 10 Bn SSB participated in the event, displaying their enthusiasm and savouring the flavours of millet-based items.

Commandant Rohitashwa emphasised the government’s focus on promoting the cultivation and consumption of millets.

Being primarily a kharif crop, millets require less water and agricultural inputs compared to other staple grains.

Programmes like the Millet Mahotsav provide a valuable opportunity to enhance awareness and understanding of the benefits of millets among all personnel.

The event successfully conveyed the importance of millets in maintaining a healthy diet while contributing to environmental sustainability.

As the United Nations declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets, initiatives like the Millet Mahotsav contribute to spreading knowledge and fostering a culture of millet consumption among the community.

Millet Mahotsav at 10 Bn SSB served as an inspiring platform to promote the richness of millets and encourage their incorporation into daily diets.

It demonstrated the commitment of the battalion towards the well-being and holistic development of its personnel, while contributing to the larger goal of creating a healthier and more sustainable future.



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