Miraculous Escape For Passengers After Bus Crashes And Hangs On Mahanadi Bridge In Banki

Banki: In a great reprieve for all, the passengers of a private bus going to Bhubaneswar from Anugul had a miraculous escape after the bus they were travelling crashed on the Jatimundia-Subernapur bridge on river Mahanadi and remained hanged. The passengers deboarded the bus while it was hanging on the bridge. While there were no reports of any causalities, some have received minor injuries.

The accident is said to have happened due to some mechanical failure in the bus. There were more than fifty passengers in the bus. As the water level is full in the Mahanadi river, a major disaster would have happened had the bus fallen into the river. Local police is on the spot and efforts are on to remove the bus from the bridge.

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