MP: Rescue operation to save boy trapped in borewell continues

Bhopal: Rescue operation to save the 6-year-old boy, who fell into a borewell in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa, has been going on for the last several hours. In a fresh update, the NDRF team has dug a 40-foot deep hole adjacent to the borewell.

Rewa district collector, Pratibha Pal has informed that the NDRF team was called from Banaras (Uttar Pradesh) late on Friday.

“The boy is stuck between 50 and 60 deep. A camera was lowered to monitor the situation of the child. We are hopeful to rescue the child in the next two hours,” Pal told IANS.

The incident happened on Friday in Teonthar tehsil, around 70 km from district headquarters Rewa.

As per the official information, the boy identified as Mayank Kol was playing in a field with his friends when he fell into the open borewell on Friday evening.

His friends rushed to his parents and raised the alarm. Meanwhile, local police were informed and the rescue operation began during the night.

In the past two years, around a dozen such incidents occurred in different parts of Madhya Pradesh and in most of the cases, victims lost their lives.

The state government has issued several notifications in the past one-and-half years and ordered officials to ensure that not a single borewell should remain open.

However, this fresh incident revealed that all those orders issued in the past remained on paper only, and Mayank Kol became a new victim of it.


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