Naveen Approves Master Plan for Transformation of Loknath Temple and Alarnath Temple

Bhubaneswar: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Monday approved the proposed master plan for the transformation of two ancient shrines – Loknath Temple in Puri and Alarnath Temple in Brahmagiri.

While Rs 28 crore has been sanctioned for the development of Loknath Temple, Rs 8 crore has been sanctioned for Alarnath Temple.

The re-development of both the temples will be completed within a year, as per a press release issued by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO).

Loknath Temple is one of the most important Shiv Pithas of the state. According to Puranas, Lord Sriramchandra came in search of Mother Sita and installed Lord Loknath here and worshiped. Shree Loknath is believed to be the protector of ratna bhandar of the Jagannath temple.

As per the master plan of Loknath temple, the inner gate and outer gate of the temple will be improved and various facilities will be arranged for the sevayats and devotees. Apart from this, parking, modern line system, improvement of approach road and special parking will be arranged for the convenience of sevayats at the west gate.

The old marble stones will be removed and the shinny stones will be installed in the inner gate. The temple garden will be improved and landscaping will be done.The temple wall will be repaired along with lighting arrangements. Along with widening of the outer square, there will be repair of broken areas, new roads, landscaping, lighting, building space and development of two mundan mandaps. Since drainage is a major problem, the drainage system will be improved both inside and outside the temple. The Parvati sagar of the temple will also be improved.

The 400 meter approach road leading to the temple will be improved and four roads will be developed. Four major roads connected to the temple will also be improved.

Similarly, the famous Alarnath Temple of Brahmagiri will also be developed. Located 24 km from Puri and 25 km from Satpada, this temple is believed to have been built in the 15th and 16th centuries. Devotees go for Alarnath Darshan during the Anasara of Lord Jagannath.

Earlier, under the instructions of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Secretary to CM (5T) VK Pandian had visited both Loknath Temple and Alarnath Temple and held discussions with the Puri Collector, district administration officials and sevyats of both the temples about the preparation of the master plan.

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