Naveen’s Convoy Gives Way To Ambulance, Wins Hearts

Bhubaneswar: Like a perfect head of the family who inspires all the members of the house and cares for everybody, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has showed that he follows what he preaches. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Sunday evening gave way to an ambulance and waited at a busy junction with his calm and composed nature.

The inspiring incident is really going to be loved by one and all.
It was Sunday evening and the time was around 7:45 PM. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik was returning after attending a social function to Naveen Niwas. His convoy had the route plan to cross Capital Hospital Junction and go towards Naveen Niwas.

The first pilot vehicle of the convoy crossed the Capital Hospital Junction and the remaining vehicles were ready to cross the junction but suddenly his vehicle stopped. It was not normal for the CM’s convoy to stop at junctions, but it stopped for a novel reason. The Chief Minister’s vehicle stopped when seeing an ambulance at the junction and gave way to it and waited there for some time.

The CCTV video shows how Naveen stopped his vehicle to allow the flow of traffic before him and helped the ambulance to cross the junction with ease. And the alert traffic police were there to facilitate this. The incident shows Naveen’s sensitiveness towards human values. It shows that he follows what he preaches.

When the media is agog with reports of people not giving way to ambulances and precious time being wasted on roads for patients, this example by the Chief Minister is surely going to be inspiring. Earlier Naveen had called upon the public for giving way to ambulances and save precious lives.

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