Naxal Violence On the Wane in Country; Odisha Sees 50 Incidents In 2020

New Delhi: According to latest data released by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Naxal violence in the country is on the wane and the most affected states have experienced a downward trend in both number of incidents and number of people killed by Naxals. Also the number of Naxals arrested has risen.

Last year as many as 103 Naxals had died in various encounters with forces in the country and as many as 1110 were arrested.

The Home Ministry report says eight states had reported Naxal activities in the country last year.

In 2020, the total number of Naxal incidents in the country stood at 665 in which 43 jawans laid their lives. In 2019 the total number of incidents stood at 670 in which 145 Naxals died and 52 jawans laid their lives.
In the year 2018, the country saw 833 Naxal violence incidents in which 225 Naxals were killed and 67 jawans lost their lives.

Chattisgarh saw the maximum number of incidents at 315 in 2020 in which 320 Naxals were arrested and 44 killed. During the year 36 jawan laid their lives in Chattisgarh.

Jharkhand remained in the second spot with 199 Naxal incidents during the year 2020. While 378 Naxals were arrested, 14 were killed. In Chattisgarh, as many as 38 citizens were killed by Naxals in 2020.

Odisha, which has seen heightened anti-maoist activities in the last few years, is placed on the third spot with 50 violence incidents reported in 2020. While 17 Naxals were killed in these incidents, two jawans laid their lives. In Odisha, 13 Naxals were arrested.

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