Netanyahu insists on Gaza ceasefire deal allowing resumption of military operations

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that he would only agree to a ceasefire deal with Hamas if it allows Israel to resume its military operations in Gaza following the release of hostages.

As international mediators prepare for upcoming talks in Cairo to advance negotiations, Netanyahu on Sunday outlined five non-negotiable conditions to end the nine-month conflict. He emphasised that any agreement must permit Israel to continue its operations in Gaza “until all the goals of the war have been met”, Xinhua news agency reported.

Netanyahu also insisted that the deal must prevent Hamas from smuggling weapons into Gaza from Egypt and prohibit the return of “thousands of armed Hamas militants” to northern Gaza.

Addressing the issue of hostages, Netanyahu pledged to secure the release of as many hostages as possible from Gaza, where over 100 individuals are still held captive, some feared dead.

Also on Sunday, Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant affirmed that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will maintain its operations against Hezbollah in Lebanon, even if a ceasefire agreement is reached in Gaza.

Gallant said the conflict in Gaza and on the northern border with Hezbollah are “two separate sectors,” clarifying that Israel would not be bound by development in Gaza unless Hezbollah also reached an agreement with Israel.


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