No concrete steps taken to reduce inflation & unemployment: Sachin Pilot on Raj Budget

Jaipur: Rajasthan former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot on Wednesday said that no concrete step has been taken by the state government to reduce inflation and unemployment.

Reacting to the first full budget of the BJP government, the former Deputy Chief Minister said that the people, especially the middle class, farmers, and youth have been disappointed by the Budget.

The former Deputy Chief Minister said that the government has not presented any roadmap in the Budget to reduce unemployment in Rajasthan, which has the highest unemployment rate in the country after Haryana.

“Instead of just taking a resolution to make four lakh recruitments in the next five years, the government should have presented a concrete action plan for the same. The Budget is also silent on the unemployment allowance, which raises questions on the intention of the government,” the former Deputy Chief Minister said.

He said that there is no mention of the reduction in the inflation. “No work has been done to reduce the growing gap between the rich and the poor. Despite BJP being in power at the Centre and in the state, no steps have been taken to reduce the prices of petrol, diesel and kerosene,” the former Deputy Chief Minister said.

He said that the work order for the first phase of ERCP was issued by the Central government without the consent of both states, without it being declared a national project and without 90 per cent funding.

“There is no mention about the amount to be received from the Central government and neither is it mentioned what support will be received from the Centre this year for ERCP and Yamuna project,” the former Deputy Chief Minister said.

He said that the debt on power companies has been mentioned repeatedly, but no roadmap has been kept in the Budget as to how the BJP government will reduce this debt.

“Along with creating new industrial hubs, no vision has been presented to bring the existing MSME industries out of losses,” the Deputy Chief Minister said.


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