Odisha BJP Leaders Are in Habit of Making Malicious Allegations without Any Evidence: Lekhasri Samantasinghar

Bhubaneswar: Odisha BJP leaders are in the habit of making false, malicious and baseless allegations without any evidence, said BJD leader Dr. Lekhasri Samantasinghar.

In a press briefing, Samantasinghar, who is the BJD candidate for Balasore Lok Sabha seat, said that Odisha BJP leaders, whenever they sense that they are losing an election, they are in the habit of making false, malicious and baseless allegations without any evidence.

A similar document like the so called chargesheet was also done in 2019. That time it was also done when Odisha BJP realized it was losing the elections badly. Now they have also realized they are losing the 2024 elections badly. Hence, they have resorted to this kind of defamatory, false, malicious and baseless allegations without any evidence, Samantasinghar said.

Giving examples of how are baseless and falsehood has been done in this so called chargesheet, the BJD leader said that Odisha is the only state which has doubled farmers income as per Central Govt organisations. But Odisha has been targeted in agriculture. Employment- Odisha has the lowest unemployment rate as provided by central Govt agency but Odisha’s image is being tarnished in this document.

They (state BJP leaders) criticized Odisha when in many BJP ruled States; the Crime Against Women is far more than Odisha. Odisha BJP has a habit of tarnishing Odisha’s image for their selfish narrow political interests.

Everyone knows about the scandal of present Odisha BJP President Manmohan Samal in the New Delhi Odisha Niwas, due to which he was dropped from the Ministry in December, 2008. Such a person as the Party’s State President is true evidence of how safe women are within BJP itself, Samantasinghar stated.

Everyone knows that Odisha’s High Schools’ Smart Classrooms are far better than the Kendriya Vidyalayas in Odisha. Dharmendra Pradhan is Union Education Minister but has failed to make even one Smart classroom in his village while the State Government has transformed about 7000 Schools in the State, she added.

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