Odisha Food Safety Authority Undertakes Fortnight Long Surveillance Campaign On Adulteration of Edible Oil Across Odisha

Bhubaneswar: With a view to ensure that the citizens get pure and good quality edible oil from the markets, the Odisha Food Safety Authority has carried out a massive fortnight long surveillance campaign on adulteration of edible oils across Odisha.

As part of the campaign, specials teams of Odisha Food Safety visited many markets and businesses and collected samples which have been sent for testing.

In view of the various instances/complaints reporting sale of adulterated edible oils as well as unauthorized blending of oils, a statewide campaign for a period of two weeks was carried out from 1st August to 14th August. It was conducted through the State Food Safety Authority under Commissioner Food Safety, Odisha, with the objective to check adulteration in edible oils. Under this campaign, it was ensured that two samples per Food Safety Officer in the districts and Urban Local Bodies were lifted under surveillance in a staggered manner so that the sample base was wide and representative of all the FBOS (Food Business operators)/brands.

The samples were drawn from the retail markets and for both packaged and loose edible oil. The test and analysis will be prioritized on presence of Mineral Oil, Argemone Oil, Castor Oil and Trans Fatty Acid at a lab in Kolkata. During this drive, 126 edible oil surveillance samples were drawn only in the first stage and in case of non-compliance during the first stage, regulatory samples would be lifted and stringent action will be taken against the offenders as per the FSS Act 2006 Rules and other regulations made there under.

Speaking on the special campaign, Dr. Brundha D, Commissioner of Food Safety, Odisha, says, “Our priority is to ensure that people get pure and good quality edible oils from the market and enforcing applicable standards. While this was a special campaign of two weeks, our officials regularly check for the quality of food items. Those indulging in food adulteration will face stringent action.”

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