Odisha: State-Level Tribal Writers Meet Marks Enthusiastic Participation from Diverse Tribal Communities

Bhubaneswar: The Academy of Tribal Languages and Culture (ATLC), under the esteemed patronage of the ST&SC Development, M&BCW Department, Government of Odisha, commenced the four-day-long State-Level Tribal Writers Meet with an unparalleled spirit of celebration, marked by enthusiastic participation from diverse tribal communities. This remarkable event, held at the SCSTRTI, saw the esteemed presence of accomplished writers representing Santal, Bhumij, Munda, and Binjhal Tribal Communities.

Roopa Roshan Sahoo, Commissioner-cum-Secretary of ST&SC Development, M&BCW Department, Government of Odisha, graced the inauguration ceremony with her presence, offering insightful perspectives on the objectives of this auspicious Writers

The “Tribal Writers’ Meet” has embarked on a mission to foster direct interactions with tribal communities to deeply understand their culture, art, science, languages, and sociocultural values, as eloquently expressed through the manuscripts created by tribal writers. This visionary project has articulated a range of significant objectives, including the preservation of indigenous knowledge, the active promotion of tribal languages, the meticulous documentation of cultural heritage, and comprehensive support for tribal writers, culminating in the publication of their literary creations.

Indramani Tripathy, Director, ST, and Member Secretary, ATLC, eloquently elucidated the government’s unwavering commitment to the preservation and promotion of Tribal Languages and Culture.

Samarendra Bhutia, Assistant Director of ATLC, provided valuable insights into the ongoing process wherein the Academy of Tribal Languages & Culture, functioning under the ST & SC Development, M & BCW Department, has meticulously identified a substantial number of tribal writers with manuscripts in their respective languages. The discerning phase continues, and to facilitate the collection and publication of these precious manuscripts, the Tribal Writers Meet has been strategically convened. The selection process is rigorous, guided by criteria such as cultural significance, linguistic importance, and the extent to which these works embody tribal knowledge. Manuscripts that meet these discerning standards will be immortalized through printed publications, while select pieces will be digitally preserved, thereby enriching the repository of knowledge accessible to future generations and dedicated researchers.

The government has envisioned a multitude of outcomes from this transformative initiative, including the preservation and exalted promotion of tribal languages and cultural wisdom, the heightened recognition accorded to tribal writers, the profound empowerment of tribal communities, the establishment of an invaluable research resource, and the unwavering dedication to safeguarding Odisha’s peerless tribal cultural heritage.

Eminent writers hailing from diverse tribal communities, such as Santal, Bhumij, Munda, and Binjhal, embraced the event’s significance by wholeheartedly contributing their manuscripts for publication on the inaugural day of this four-day-long Tribal Writers Meet. The ATLC is poised to undertake a meticulous examination of these manuscripts, enlisting the expertise of language specialists, and subsequently, these literary treasures will be presented to the world in the form of printed books and digital content.

Padmashree Dr. Damayanti Besra, a revered luminary in the field of education and writing, commended the government’s noble initiatives aimed at the preservation and promotion of tribal cultures. Eminent writer Chaitanya Prasad Majhi extended heartfelt appreciation to the Department for its unwavering commitment to cultural preservation and the judicious implementation of Multilingual Education in Tribal Languages to invigorate and elevate these languages.
By acknowledging the invaluable contributions of tribal writers and providing them with a platform to share their heritage, the government stands resolute in its commitment to enriching the cultural mosaic of the state, ensuring that the legacy of its tribal communities resonates for generations to come. Dr Sanjukta Moharana, Panchali Sahu and Bhagyarathi Panda coordinated the event. The Meet will continue until September 28, 2023, promising four days of enlightenment and cultural enrichment. Paramananda Patel, Coordinator, SAMHATI, extended a warm and heartfelt welcome to the tribal writers gathered at this momentous event.

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