Old Town, Kala Bhoomi Ekamra Trails: Walkers Explore City’s `Best Kept Secrets’

Bhubaneswar: While the pre-monsoon clouds hovering over the Old Town sky and the drizzling shower welcoming the guests marked the 125th Ekamra Old Town Walks, the anniverasry walk of the Museum Walk also saw an enthusiatic crowd exploring the art, craft, fabric and beautiful tribal traditions of the “India’s best kept secrets, Odisha”.

Deepti Jayaraj, Special Secretary Finance Gocernment of Jharkhand a participant of the afternoon’s Museum Walk said “I had a lovely time, learnt a lot and got to experience the art, craft and handloom of Odisha.

The Ekamra Walks members were very helpful and patient. I will definitely try and explore more.”

Shruti and Vivek, who also took part at the event in Kala Bhoomi, said “awesom and inspiring, The crats and art collections are really amazing.”

Ashirvad Dhir, who enjoyed his time at Kala Bhoomi, said “very good collections of Odisha’s culture. It was a very good feeling the Kala Bhoomi Art and Craft Museum. We will visit again.”

There were more than 40 walkers at the Museum Walk. The walk started just a year ago as the first innovative museum walk under the Ekamra Walks initiative by the Odisha Government. The walk began with a beautiful introduction to the museum and the rich cultural legacy of Odisha by Tushar.

As the group moved through the different galleries dedicated to different art froms, both old and new, they were fascinated by the beautiful displays of craftsmanship and the stories behind them. Many of the parents were happy to have brought their children to one of the most beautiful museums in the country. Some of the guests took part in making pottery while others enjoyed the serenading live classical music at the museum.


In the morning the 125th Ekamra Walk began in the premises of the 10th Century built Mukteswara Temple in the presence of around 35 guests from various walks of life. The weather Gods were in a pleasant mood and decided to play with an occasional drizzle which added a romantic touch to the walk. The extended golden hour was a delight for photographers, painters and artists of all kinds. When our very own artist Siba Shankar started painting the magical milieu some of the guests were fascinated to see that these ornate temples are inspiring artists even today. He took a place on the Eastern banks of the historic Bindusagar Lake in front of Ananta Vasudev Temple and painted his works. Siba Shankar, while drawing and painting his work said “the best part of the city lies here in the Old Town area. I always get the inspiration in creating my best works as the atmosphere comes with the historic aura and traditions of the Old City. If we can term Odisha is India’s one of the best kept secrets, then Old Town is Bhubaneswar’s best kept secrets.” International students from Australia of the city-based Centurion University participated in the walk who were transfixed by the legends and myths of Ekamra Kshetra and were curious to know more. Sophia, the guide and curator of the walk interacted with the guests and ansewered to all their queries. The walk concluded at the medicinal plant garden Ekamra Van where some of the guests were pleased to buy some plants for themselves.

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