Pakistan has dropped to Myanmar, Sudan’s level in rule of law index: Imran

Lahore:  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has said that there is “no democracy, prosperity or future for the country if there is no rule of law”, media reports said.

“Without rule of law, we will neither have democracy (freedom) or prosperity nor a future,” the deposed Prime Minister said in another condemnation of the ongoing crackdown on his party after the May 9 violence in which government and military installations were attacked by enraged PTI workers protesting against his arrest, The News reported.

He also pointed out that Pakistan’s position in the rule of law index has declined significantly since the clampdown was launched, the report said.

“Pakistan was placed 129th out of 140 countries in the rule of law index before the crackdown on PTI was unleashed with an assault on our fundamental rights never experienced before by the nation. Today, we have fallen to the levels of Myanmar and Sudan where ‘might is right’ is the law,” Khan said.

Earlier, Khan had lamented the crac kdown on his party in an interview as well.

“Constitution and law allow us to protest peacefully. The government made a list of 23,000 PTI workers and 10,000 were arrested,” Khan said in an interview with Independent Urdu.

The detainees are not being allowed to meet their lawyers, he claimed, adding that if civilians are tried in military courts, democracy is over, The News reported.

“Semi-martial law has been imposed. They are planning to crush PTI,” Khan said.


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