Permitting farmhouses in green zones will destroy Goa’s wealth: TMC

Panaji:  Trinamool Congress in Goa has demanded scrapping of proposed amendment to ‘Goa Land Development and Building construction regulations 2023’, stating that farm houses in green zones will destroy the state’s wealth.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, TMC’s national spokesperson Trajano D’Mello said that this amendment is dangerous to people of the state.

“It will destroy the biodiversity, ecosystem, ecology, and agricultural land of Goa. We don’t want another disastrous incident to happen, which will take place once the Mhadei river is diverted,” D’Mello said.

He said that these amendments will affect climate change. “If this amendment is passed then our traditional occupational land will get destroyed. Goa will be in trouble, this has opened floodgates to destroy Goa,” he said.

D’Mello alleged that the BJP government is trying to help land investors, that’s also not from Goa. “Today North Goa has become North India. This is done to help crony capitalists,” he pointed out.

“Environment portfolio and Town and Country Planning had been given to two different persons, so there are necessary checks and balances. “But here checks and balances have happened… (to see) everybody is getting what they need to get. We demand that Chief Minister Pramod Sawant intervene and scrap this proposed amendment,” he said.

D’Mello also sought clarification from TCP and the environment minister over the issue. “Nothing will be left if the government goes ahead with these amendments, hence it should be scrapped” he said.

“This is being done to cater to the demands of wealthy outsiders through the construction of larger farmhouses by the amendments being brought in. The proposed amendments fail to serve the best interests of the people of Goa, and the TCP department must understand that land can be utilized for purposes other than construction. Goa TMC strongly objects to the conversion of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes, as it would lead to a significant reduction in available land for farming activities, resulting in the loss of crucial biodiversity and posing long-term environmental challenges,” he said.


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