Political Parties Spend Rs 53 Crore on Advertisement on Digital Platforms in Feb-May, BJP Tops List

New Delhi: In the run-up to 2019 elections, political parties have spent a whooping Rs 53 crore on advertisement on digital platforms like Google and Facebook between February and May, with the BJP topping the list.

 As per the Ad Library Report of Facebook, there were 1.21 lakh political ads with a total spending of more than ₹26.5 crore between February and May 15 this year.

In the same period, advertisements spend on Google, YouTube, and partner properties stood at ₹27.36 crore with 14,837 ads.

The BJP had spent ₹4.23 crore on over 2,500 ads on Facebook. The party also Rs 4 crore on ads on the social networking platform.  On Google’s platforms, it has spent more than Rs 17 crore.

The Congress spent Rs 1.46 crore on Facebook for 3,686 ads and Rs 2.71 crore on Google’s platforms with 425 ads.

The Trinamool Congress has spent Rs 29.28 lakhs on Facebook and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Rs 13.62 lakh for 176 ads on the same social media platform.

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