Poll surveys came exact opposite: Digambar Kamat over BJP’s victory

Panaji: Reacting to the election results, wherein his party (BJP) got victories in three states, former Chief Minister Digambar Kamat on Sunday said that poll surveys became exactly opposite, what they had predicted.

While celebrating the victory in south Goa, BJP MLA from Margao, Kamat said that he is happy to see the results.

“This is a historic victory. It will send a message to the people of the country. Poll surveys were showing that Congress will win in Chhatisgarh and BJP will lose. Today’s result is exactly opposite. Their cabinet ministers are also defeated,” Congress-turncoat Kamat said.

Praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kamat said “Voters are supreme in democracy. Their faith is in Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In Telangana, we had only one MLA, and today nine are elected. Some people give various guarantees, but people have shown faith in Narendra Modi’s guarantee, which is working with dedication,” he said.

“Some parties have given various guarantees, but the people of the nation have shown faith in Narendra Modi’s guarantee,” he said.

He said that Narendra Modi launched several schemes for the people and worked with dedication, hence people have shown faith in his leadership.



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