Preparatory Meeting Held for Second Edition of Odisha Skill Conclave

Bhubaneswar: Minister for Skill Development and Technical Education (SDTE) Pritiranjan Gharai, presided over a pivotal preparatory meeting for the upcoming second edition of the Skill Conclave, following the resounding success of its inaugural edition. Held at the World Skill Center, the meeting saw the participation of Principal Secretary  Usha Padhee and key officials from the Skill Development and Technical Education Department.

In this edition the conclave aims to foster a dynamic ecosystem that empowers the youth with relevant skills, aligning with the evolving needs of the job market under the NUA Odisha umbrella.

The Minister outlined the strategic vision of the Skill Conclave, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive and inclusive approach to skill development. The conclave is expected to serve as a platform to bridge the gap between education and industry requirements along with global exposure.

He also expressed a commitment to incorporating innovative initiatives in skill development, including the integration of emerging technologies and fostering entrepreneurship among the youth. The conclave is anticipated to showcase pioneering models for skill enhancement.

Given the diverse landscape of Odisha, the preparatory meeting discussed the importance of tailoring skill development programs to address regional needs. Special attention will be given to sectors that have high growth potential in specific regions of the state.

The meeting laid the groundwork for the agenda of the Skill Conclave, which will include panel discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions. Renowned experts and industry leaders will share insights on trends, challenges, and opportunities in the realm of skill development.

The Skill Conclave is a flagship initiative by Skill Development and Technical Education Department, Govt of Odisha. It aims to bring together key stakeholders to deliberate on strategies, share insights, and promote collaboration for the holistic development of skills among the youth. Among others Director, Skill Development cum Employment, Additional Secretary, SDTE and officers from the department were present during the meeting.
The time and venue for Odisha Skill Conclave will be decided in upcoming meetings.

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