Raktadeva from ‘Baahubali: Crown of Blood’ is as humane as any other character, says Rajesh Khattar

Mumbai: Actor Rajesh Khattar has spoken about Raktadeva and said that he feels that it will bring in a new element of intrigue to the world of Baahubali. He added that his character, in spite of being negative, is as humane as any other character in the series.

Talking about his character, Rajesh said: “I think Raktadeva is going to bring in the new element of intrigue and conflict to the world of Baahubali, which is already a huge hit amongst viewers, as people don’t know anything about him so that will be an addition.”

He added: “As the story unfolds the audience would want to know more about this character, his reasons for being the way he is. Baahubali being an iconic character, the story needed a formidable antagonist pitched against the might of Baahubali which Raktadeva is, and the audience will discover while watching the series.

The veteran actor gives “full marks” for making a character like Raktdeva.

“Full marks to the makers for creating a character like Raktadeva who in spite of being a negative force, is still as humane as any other character in the series.”

In the ‘Baahubali: Crown of Blood’ series, Baahubali and Bhallaladeva will join hands to protect the great kingdom of Mahishmati and the throne against its greatest threat, the mysterious warlord, Raktadeva.

‘Baahubali: Crown of Blood’ is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.


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