‘Resolve issue of students facing deportation’, Punjab minister tells Canadian envoy

Chandigarh: Punjab NRI Affairs Minister Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal on Friday wrote a missive to Sanjay Kumar Verma, High Commissioner, High Commission of India, Ottawa, and Cameron Mackay, High Commission of Canada, to solve the issues of 700 students, mostly Punjabi, facing deportation from Canada.

In his letter, Dhaliwal said: “Your kind attention is invited towards the impending deportation of more than 700 students from Canada due to fake acceptance letters from Canadian colleges.

“These students are innocent and have been cheated by the clique of fraudsters that includes this travel agent, officials in the Canadian Embassy in India and other agencies in Canada.

“I shall be highly grateful if the matter is looked into personally. The future of these students and of their families is at stake. You are requested to take up the same with the concerned agencies of the MEA and the government of Canada so that these students can be saved from being deported.”



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