RFIDtags mandatory for pet dogs in Lucknow

Lucknow:  Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags have been made mandatory for pet dogs in the Uttar Pradesh state capital by the Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC).

It will also issue a token for every pet dog.

This will streamline registration of pet dogs and create a database, enabling the civic body to increase its revenue and on the other help owners in tracking their pets in case they get lost.

It will also help in identification of pets for action if there are any complaints against owners of violating norms by the public.

LMC chief veterinary officer Abhinav Kumar Verma said: “We will soon float a tender to invite a third party who will be tasked with registration, tagging and allocation of tokens. It will also conduct a door-to-door campaign and set up camps across the city for implementation of the new system.”

Verma said it will be compulsory for every owner to get a token and RFID tagging for their pets.

“Apart from registration cost, the owner will have to pay an extra charge for tagging, the amount of which will be decided soon,” he said.

“The company will also develop an app and feed all information of owners and pets in it. This will help us to send messages to the owners about renewal of licence and administration of vaccines to their pets.”

After registration of the pet, RFID tag which is known as implantable microchip or bio-chip tagging will be done through a syringe near the neck of the dog.


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