‘Rich are becoming richer’: Karnataka Minister Priyank Kharge takes on Narayana Murthy over objections to guarantee schemes

Bengaluru:  Karnataka’s IT and BT Minister Priyank Kharge on Thursday disagreed with Infosys co-founder N.R. Narayan Murthy’ objections to the Congress government’s guarantee schemes.

Interacting with reporters on the sidelines of Bengaluru Tech Summit, he said that one must see how many people have been pushed below poverty line and how the “rich are becoming richer and the poor are remaining poor”.

“Narayan Murthy has given his personal opinion. He has done philanthropic work through the Infosys Foundation. Along with the service you are providing, you must also have civic responsibility.

“When you speak about civic rights, civic responsibilities and duties must also be discussed. That’s how the government must provide the schemes and programmes to the people in the form of incentives,” Kharge said.

“With the guarantee schemes, the families are able to save Rs 1.20 lakh per year. They will spend it on providing nutritious food to children and they will also send them to tuition. We have to study how guarantee schemes have benefitted people after a year,” he added.

Noting Narayana Murthy had spoken about compassionate capitalism and corporate social responsibility, the minister said: “How many of corporates are doing this? There are many capitalists in the country. How many of them have corporate social responsibility? It is my opinion that all will not be broadminded.”

Kharge also said that though English medium schools are needed, the importance has to be given to the local language.

“Our state has been producing talent pool,” he stated.

Giving his opinion on the guarantee schemes, Narayana Murthy had stated at the Bengaluru Tech Summit that nothing should be given for free and people should be made accountable for what they get. He had also opposed providing of subsidies by the government. He had also stated that establishment of English medium schools, three shifts of work and quick decision making process are necessary to overtake China.


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