Rubber price life & death issue for farmers, may not be for CPI(M) leaders: Archbishop Pamplani

Thiruvananthapuram: Plummeting rubber prices is an extremely crucial issue for the farmers of Kerala but may not be so for the CPI(M) leaders, Thalassery Archbishop Joseph Pamplani said here on Sunday.

The Bishop was responding to CPI(M) state secretary, M.V. Govindan who has criticised the Bishop’s statement on supporting BJP. Such social engineering will fail in Kerala, the Left leader had said.

During a Catholic farmers’ rally, Bishop Pamplani had said that the church would support the BJP if the price of rubber is raised to Rs 300 per kilogram stirring a controversy.

He, however, hastened to add that it was a statement out of “compulsion” for the farmers and need not be considered as the catholic church’s version.

While addressing media persons here, the Bishop said that the attack on minorities at the national level was definetly a major issue for the Catholic church but the fact that the falling rubber prices has brought the farmers’s life to a standstill due also cannot be ignored.

The Catholic church has not diluted the attack against those who have supported the destruction of Churches and other religious institutions in North Indian states, he asserted.

Bishop Pamplani said the statement was made on being asked by the farmers belonging to the church, hence he had spoken in support of the BJP.


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