Sachin Pilot told he was called ‘Corona’

Jaipur: Former Rajasthan deputy chief minister and Congress leader Sachin Pilot during his interaction on Friday with college students has been told that he was called “Corona”.

Pilot was speaking during the inauguration ceremony of the library at the Maharaja College.

He also made a lot of sarcastic remarks without naming Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

He said: “I have seen and learned a lot from my late father in politics. In the political arena, I have seen him winning over the elders. When you stand on issues on public sentiment, then people clap. Insulting others and saying small things is not a good thing. You all know what was said about me.”

A video has also gone viral on social media which shows Pilot interacting with the students at Maharaja College.

Pilot asks students: “What was said about me?” The students in a loud voice said “Corona”.

Pilot again asks: “Tell me what was said earlier about me?” The answer came “Nikkama”.

Pilot further is seen asking the youths: “While being the state Congress president, did you see any shortcoming in the hard work? Did you see any slide in the struggle?” The youths replied “No” every time.

While the video is garnering many eyeballs, the comments are believed to be an indirect attack on Chief Minister Gehlot.

On Thursday, a video of CM Gehlot’s pre-budget conversation with employees’ organisations surfaced in which without naming Pilot, the veteran Congress leader compared his junior party colleague to ‘Corona’.

During the conversation on Wednesday, when the leader of the contractual employees, Shamsher Khan complained to the Chief Minister on not meeting anyone, Gehlot interrupted and said: “You are right… but now I have started meeting, I had met last Monday. What happened was that Corona came first and then came a big ‘Corona’ inside our party.”

“For the last five days, I have only given speeches on issues. No personal allegations have been made against anyone. It is very easy to make personal criticism, abuse, and speak harsh words. It is very important to balance and use the boneless tongue behind the 32 teeth. The word that comes out of the mouth never comes back,” he said.

Pilot further said: “This party has given us a lot. Let us continuously work to strengthen it. For the first time in 2014, Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi made me the state president. At that time we were left with only 21 MLAs. But we have worked together.”


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